Eliminate Past Influences that Hinder Success

Eliminate Past Influences that Hinder Success

Creating change for a successful future requires just that: for us to change! One of the things that most hinders our success are the past influences we have. 

For example, when my son was learning to drive, he had zero experience passing cars on a two-lane highway. Once while he was following our car on a trip, I initially could not get him to pass a car in between us- his past was hindering him!

Many people are hesitant to change because they are still living by what they know from the past. Today’s topic is an excerpt from my book Correct Change Required ©.

  • Many hindering beliefs come from the past. Every time an event happens to us in life, we give it meaning; if you’ve been treated badly, you risk developing a hindering belief from that experience.
  • People have a tendency to access memories from past experiences that disable rather than enable them. Train yourself to dwell on positive memories that will empower you for the present.
  • Identify where your beliefs originated in order to clean out the filing cabinets of your mind. When you dump negative files, you will no longer draw upon bad memories to bring meaning into your current situations.
  • Determine your response to whatever happens to you in life. You will respond out of your beliefs one hundred percent of the time. That is why it is so important to identify what you believe and change the beliefs that are hindering you.

What happened to my son? I finally got him to pass, to change, after I had given him step-by-step instructions and encouraged him to make the move. He shed his past experience and in doing so, succeeded in something he had never done before!

What’s holding you back from succeeding in your life?

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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