Ten Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs: Part One

Ten Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs: Part One

In my years of working as an entrepreneur, I’ve made some mistakes. But these have lead me to drafting an understanding of what sort of person it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. The following attributes are not all things I innately was, but rather things I became.  Chances are that if you’re passionate about being an entrepreneur, you will have at least one or two of these in your DNA. But hopefully this list will inspire you develop the whole set!

“An entrepreneur is a person who perceives an opportunity and creates an organization to purse it.”

  1. Dream–Successful entrepreneurs have a vision of the future and the ability to implement that vision. They are often the idea-generators. But it’s important for every entrepreneur to take some time dreaming in general, and then hovering or dwelling over the dreams that resonate. Like God hovering over the deep in Genesis, preparing to create.
  2. Decisiveness–Entrepreneurs have the ability to synthesize data quickly and make a decision. At a certain point, the hovering process has to end. Let your yes be yes. It’s ok to wait and hover until you’ve figured out a direction. But once you make a decision you can’t look back.
  3. Doers–Entrepreneurs move quickly to act on decisions. One of the secrets to success is to act even if it’s wrong. Now obviously at the time you act you don’t know it’s wrong. But that’s how you learn. Just keep trying. Don’t jump with both eyes closed, but don’t never jump. Take action. Some of the best ideas in the world are still in somebody’s notebook or iPad somewhere.
  4. Determination–Entrepreneurs have a total commitment to the business. They have a don’t-quit attitude. They stand strong and work hard even when things get difficult. Be the kind of entrepreneur that looks at every option and keeps pushing ahead.
  5. Dedication–Successful entrepreneurs have a blind ambition to succeed. They have a dedication that exists 24/7.  Because entrepreneurs deal so often with ideas and possibilities, it’s necessary for success as an entrepreneur to be dedicated to the ideas you’re pursuing. Go and make this thing happen! Success will only come if you are willing to believe, if somewhat blindly, and to keep pushing forward.

What’s a dream you have as an entrepreneur that’s on the back burner?

Come back next Monday to learn the other half of this list! 

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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