Investing In Something Bigger: An Update From the Field

Investing In Something Bigger: An Update From the Field

Hey guys, I wanted to share this short documentary from our current microfinance partners in Kampala, Uganda. Glory of Christ Church, founder of Glory Bank (our microfinance partner), made this video to show us what they’re working on. Too often you get to hear about our work and how microfinance works from my end, but it’s another thing entirely to see it working on the ground. I hope you enjoy this video! If you are interested in investing, click here.

Glory bank documentary

Pastor Herberts is our primary contact for Glory Bank, as he is the pastor of Glory of Christ Church and founder of the bank. You will also hear a lot from Joy in this video, who oversees the daily operations of the bank. 

Condensed Transcription (Does not include testimonies):

Our vision is to reveal the Glory of Christ and His finished vision on the cross. Our mission is to know Christ and make him known. Our purpose is to win souls, empower members in the body of Christ and transform the community for the Glory of Christ.

In order to win souls, the Lord gave us the idea for Glory Bank that is transforming people’s lives. Glory Bank started as a Savings and Credit Union in 2011 with the aim to make it a fully-fledged bank. That is our intention. We shall be a fully-fledged bank by 2019. We will be the first Christian bank in Uganda.

At the same time, we are using it as a tool to win souls. You can’t know how many people are coming here to receive money, and as they come in, it gives us a platform to preach the Gospel.

Glory Bank has helped people in different ways such as businesses and church development. (Check out the rest of the video to see testimonies of ways Glory Bank has already helped people!)

Someone may say, why not simply give money to the church. Well, the way money comes in as tithes and offerings is gradual. But maybe it’s the rainy season and you need a roof. Because of Glory Bank being around, now people can come and get money immediately. You roof the church and then as people go on tithing, you pay it back. That is a service.

In order to help people’s lives be transformed, by empowering them to build houses, starting businesses, and improving their lives accordingly, we have gone a step further to organize people. At the moment, we are helping people build houses. But we have come up with the idea to acquire land to organize people in communities. This way they don’t live in slums and unorganized environments. We’ve found two different plots of land and started designing. Our aim is that Glory Bank can help someone get money and also at the same time acquire land by paying in installments.

We want to thank all of our partners who have been involved in this!

To become a fully-fledged bank by 2019, we thank the Lord for connecting us to Billy Epperhart and Tricord Global. We thank the Lord for introducing us to Andrew Wommack, and for Andrew Wommack in turn introducing us to Tricord Global.

We told Billy that we needed $500,000 to help us become a fully-fledged bank by 2019. But then we discovered that according to the regulations of the nation of Uganda, it’s not only $500,000—that’s just the first step! We found out that we actually need $2,000,000! From this viewpoint, we really want to thank all of you who have stood with us. We thank Billy and Tricord Global and all of you partners who have stood with us to realize this dream.

Our request right now is if the Good Lord can really help all of you to stand with us as we raise this money to complete this vision. Uganda will not remain the same and Christ will continue to transform lives. People are not beggars anymore, and this is just the beginning.

Right now we have seen so many people’s lives transformed. We have seen a someone start a school and are now able to employ many people. Others have acquired houses. We have churches that have been able to buy their own land and complete construction of their churches. Specifically, in the last two years and the last year when we came into partnership with Tricord, we have done so well. We have had high demand. Help us to be the first Christian bank that is making a social impact among the people by 2019. God bless you.

Tricord Global plans to help Glory Bank in this process. Last year, we helped them start with that $500,000. This year, we’re taking them a bit further. To learn more about our current investment opportunity with Glory Bank, please visit

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
  • Fred and Kim Allen
    Posted at 07:54h, 09 January Reply

    Hey Billy,
    Great documentary. Great work.

    • Billy
      Posted at 16:36h, 12 January Reply

      Thank you Fred and Kim!

  • Nancy
    Posted at 07:55h, 29 August Reply

    Hello, my name is Nancy. I am originally from Ecuador and live in Toronto, Canada. I would like to see the version of the video that shows the full testimonies please. Where is the link because I cannot find it anywhere on this page. Thank you.


    • Billy Epperhart
      Posted at 15:57h, 11 September Reply

      Hi Nancy, thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, the video is not available at this moment. However, you can watch some other videos on my youtube channel, Blessings, Billy

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