Making an Impact & Re-Thinking Wealth

making an impact

Making an Impact & Re-Thinking Wealth

Last week, my team and I made a trip to the Project C.U.R.E. Denver headquarters where we volunteered our time to help pack a shipping container of medical supplies. As we are raising money to send some more shipping containers, I have been thinking about using our wealth to make an impact a lot.

You may be thinking, “Billy, I’m not wealthy. I want to help, but I just don’t have the means.” I hear you. A lot of Americans live in crippling debt or living below their means. However, I would like to help you shift your mindset today. As Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Using Your Wealth to Make an Impact

You Are Wealthy.

When you read that statement, what comes to mind? I know a lot of people will immediately put up resistance. Here’s what I want to tell you, though. If you make $50,000/year or more, you are wealthier than 99% of the world. That is shocking, right? With that in mind, I want you to re-think your wealth once again. Are you in the top 1%? If you don’t quite make $50,000, but you live in America, you are probably in the 90th percentile.

We are wealthy, but we don’t always feel like it. Why is that? I believe it’s because we were taught a poverty mindset from such a young age. I know this because I grew up in a very different financial situation than my children have been blessed with. The poverty mindset says things like “I can’t afford to give, I don’t make enough for myself!” The Bible says that while we were still sinners, Christ dies for us (Romans 5:8). I believe when you give, you open your hand up to receive.

Reflect on Your Giving.

Now, I want you to think about how you have been making an impact. Looking at ourselves in this light can be challenging. It can be difficult to see that maybe we’ve been using our money to just look after ourselves. It’s vitally important that we examine ourselves like this, though. So, I’m going to ask you three questions that helped change the trajectory of my life:

  1. Do you tithe to your Church?
  2. Have you donated to charities or non-profits in 2019?
  3. Have you made an effort to invest in social impact causes?

Hopefully, you answered yes to one of those questions. If not, then I ask you to consider what your mindset is surrounding your money and your wealth? Do you believe the money you earned is yours to do what you wish to make your life better? God had to show me that isn’t true. He wants you to build barns for yourself, but He also wants you to help build barns for others. You don’t have to be rich by American standards to give, but I believe you become rich by giving.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I’m proud of you! But I also want to encourage you to think bigger. How can you make blessing others a bigger part of your life? Becky and I practice what I preach here. We give to several non-profits our friends own, and others we believe in. I don’t say that to brag, but to show you that I am leading you by example. We are all called to give, whether you make $100,000/year, or even $100.

I know this post was challenging to read through. I had a similar moment when I realized I had been building wealth for the benefit of me and my family, and not for the Kingdom of God. God will bless you, and I hope you use His blessing to bless others. WealthBuilders is committed to making a difference overseas. We have partnered with Project C.U.R.E. to send two shipping containers full of medical supplies to Senegal and Nigeria. I encourage you to give here, even if it’s only $1.

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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