The Gift of Association


The Gift of Association

One of the best-kept secrets for success is to find the right people with whom to associate with. When we see people who are “winners”, we can, by matching their beliefs and behavior, be successful ourselves. In looking towards the new year, I want you to think of a practical gift that could help you become more successful. Give yourself the gift of association this new year.

The Gift of Association and Spiritual Partnership

Hunting a Moose

Think of association as hunting for moose. How do you hunt a moose? First of all, I must go to where a moose lives. Second, I must learn the habits of a moose. Third, I’ll have to learn what interests a moose. Fourth, I’d better be prepared when I finally meet the moose! Ignoring any of this will leave me empty-handed at the end of the day. Though I don’t actually mean you must be a hunter to be a winner, the mindset of “moose hunting” can be the difference between success or failure.


The first step is observing someone who is successful, copying his or her beliefs and behavior. When you see someone you want to be like, observe their conversations. How do they talk to other people? How do they talk about themselves and their business? When they are in “work mode”, how do they operate? Are they surrounded by other people, or alone in their office? What do their social media profiles and websites look like? When you can find something to imitate in your own life, do it! Success should follow.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

-Oscar Wilde


It is important to know where any successful person started from in order to try to imitate their success. Sometimes, people become successful because they were born wealthy. This isn’t a negative thing, it just means they had more resources than others to build their business. We cannot change our upbringing, so if someone you admire was born wealthy and you were not, you can still research the hard work and processes they went through in order to be successful. The most telling stories, though, are those of people who started from the bottom. The first business I started was a complete failure. I had to learn certain lessons and run my other businesses in different ways. That information will help you avoid those mistakes, and encourage you to start where you are! Research successful people’s background.

Ask Questions

Finally, if you’ve found someone you want to associate yourself with, ask them to meet! You need to be prepared with questions to ask so that you can learn first hand about their success. You should ask about what they were feeling, thinking, and seeing on their journey to success. Find out what kind of questions they asked themselves, how they got started, their biggest mistake and their greatest win. If you ask successful people the right questions, you can discover their recipe for success!

How many of these steps have you been taking? Are you ready to go moose hunting? Give yourself the gift of association this holiday season!

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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