What are you running towards? Does your life ever feel like a rat race filled with hurry, comparison, and aimlessness? If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves competing for the validation of others rather than aligning with God’s vision for our lives. Our career, finances, education, and family life can become benchmarks on a checklist rather than fulfilling parts of our journey. 

 Thankfully, you can choose a better path.

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Several key moments and processes benchmark your life. From the time you are born, your parents monitor you to make sure you hit the proper milestones at the appropriate times. You speak your first words, take your first steps, become potty trained, and enter the high society of preschool. Somewhere along the line, you realize you are different from other people. Maybe someone has more friends than you do or is better at reading than you are. Regardless of what it is, at some point in time, you begin to compare yourself to others. You start to ask, “Am I normal? Am I on track?”

In our world, we’re obsessed with being “on track.” Everything is a means to an end. The motivation to score well and do extracurriculars in grade school is to get into a good college. The motivation to score well and do extracurriculars in college is to get into a good job. The motivation for working is to exchange hours for a paycheck. In the meantime, there are culturally appropriate age markers for getting married, having kids, buying a house, and retiring. Are you exhausted yet?



God has a unique race for you to run. This race represents His will for your life, and it’s filled with purpose and promise. Billy Epperhart’s new book, Run Your Race: How to Pursue God's Will for Your Life with Peace, Patience, and Productivity,” has everything you need to become fulfilled and confident in who God created you to be.


Billy Epperhart

He is the CEO ofAndrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College, as well as the co-founder of the Charis Business School. He also oversees the strategic direction of his nonprofit, WealthBuilders, which provides financial and spiritual education to help people make sense of making money for making a difference. The missional arm of WealthBuilders, Tricord Global, provides microfinance loans and business training in developing nations. In addition, Billy is a Founder of WealthBuilders Investment Services, an investment company that locates and creates Biblically Responsible and Pro-Values Investing options to facilitate the expansion of Kingdom-minded causes. In his free time, Billy enjoys fly-fishing, camping with his four grandsons, and traveling around the world with his wife, Becky.

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