Social Impact Investing: Wealthbuilders Provides Business Training in Kampala

Social Impact Investing: Wealthbuilders Provides Business Training in Kampala

On November 1st, I’m opening up registration to the second annual Wealthbuilders Conference. But Wealthbuilders is a global initiative. In 2016, January 22-24th, you can join that initiative and become a part of a generational model of education. Our goal is to train 100,000 entrepreneurs in the US and 1,000,000 in developing nations. The Wealthbuilders Conference is just the first step in that training.

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Billy Epperhart: Hey, I’m here in Glory of Christ Church in Kampala, Uganda with Bishop Herbert Kiwanuka. We’ve really become great friends in the last year or so and I’m so excited about his vision and his heart to reach Kampala and all of Africa. We’ve been talking about doing a Wealthbuilders conference and also a Wealthbuilders training here at Glory of Christ in Kamapla, Uganda—really to reach the city. So Pastor Herberts, share with us what your thoughts are on the people needing entrepreneurial training and business training.

Pastor Herberts: Billy, thank you very much. Actually, we need the Wealthbuilders here, more than any other time. This is the moment when we feel that the church needs to take over one of the Seven Mountains, as you say. And that is the mountain of finance. He who has gold, has the power. He who has money, has the power. So here in Africa, we need it very much, more than any other time before. And so I would really encourage the Wealthbuilders, please come over and equip our people here in Africa. We welcome you. We say come and equip the people so that they can also conquer the mountain of finance.

Billy: Yeah, conquer that mountain. So for a minute, tell us a bit about Glory Bank and your vision for Glory Bank.

Pastor Herberts:  My vision for Glory Bank is to be an instrument that is going to equip the body of Christ. Number one is to create jobs. Number two is to create opportunities to have money so that they can put their ideas and business plans in motion. But at the same time, it’s to equip the body of Christ.

Billy: Yes, to equip them. And so Tricord has begun to invest in and partner with Glory Bank. And we see a lot of great things coming out of that, don’t we?

Pastor Herberts: Praise God! I can’t explain it enough what Tricord is doing. You know we began Glory Bank, and I didn’t know how it would work. The only thing I knew was, I trusted God who began the good work and that was the very scripture that was on my heart. I said God you who began a good work, you complete it.

Pastor Herberts: But one day as I was praying, as I told you earlier on, I almost gave it up. But God gave me a scripture in the book of Isaiah, where he said “I will summon a man from east, a man from west to come and do my purpose.” And then he said “My purpose shall stand.” And since then I rested assured in the peace of God. Until God brought you. And I can see you have shed more light, you have revived the vision, and I can say that we are ready to equip the body of Christ and to help the people around Uganda—not only Uganda, but all of Africa.

Billy: So one of the things that we’re doing with Tricord Global is providing capital, money, through investors in America, to fund the bank here in order to do the church loans, the personal loans, the business loans, and the emergency loans. There’s  a whole range of loans the bank is providing right now.

Pastor Herberts: And school fee loans. You know what? We have 50% of people who cannot afford to take their children to school. But now, with the school fees loan, someone is able to come and access money, pay the school, and then is given a period of 3 months to pay it back, bit by bit.

Billy: So, one of the things that I want to say to those of you watching, is that Tricord Global is the financial arm of what we’re doing in Africa, right here in Kampala, Uganda. Wealthbuilders is the education arm. We’re planning on bringing Wealthbuilders and a Wealthbuilders conference here in Uganda for the purpose of training some of the people who received loans to help them increase their businesses and become better entrepreneurs.

Billy: I want to say how much I appreciate, Bishop, the vision God’s given you and where we’re going together in Jesus’ Name.

Pastor Herberts: Amen! I want to appreciate you, because to have a vision is one thing. But to have a person who understands and can push that vision somewhere is another thing. I want to say that you are a Godsend, and you brothers, you are a Godsend into this vision. May God greatly bless you. Amen.

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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