The mission of Tricord Global is to provide microcredit (small loans) to the poor in developing nations, empowering them to move out of poverty and into productivity and prosperity. Our operational model shall follow the proven best-business practices of the microfinance industry, as well as endeavoring to “piggy-back” on the existing infrastructure of local church networks.

This partnership approach allows us to effectively impact families and entire communities, and strengthen local churches.  The “business-as-mission” philosophy of Tricord is to function in a manner that not only preserves donor capital and achieves financial sustainability, but does so without compromising our commitment to physical, spiritual, and social transformation.

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A Hand-Up, Not a Hand-Out

When someone receives a loan to start a business, the whole community benefits. Your investment in Tricord Global promotes a sustainable economy in developing nations.

Partners are the ones who empower us to go overseas and provide our training. Monthly partners are the ones who enable us to provide needed infrastructure (water wells, fire bricks, hygiene training), produce education materials, send us to our sites, and sponsor conferences worldwide. We believe that the key to lasting social impact is through mentoring and teaching life skills that promote wealthbuilding. I hope you consider being a partner with Wealthbuilders. Our monthly partners enable us to provide conferences and teaching. And more importantly, they help us change people’s lives. By partnering with Wealthbuilders, you participate in anything we do overseas. Thank you for partnering with and praying for us.

Our Vision

To empower one million entrepreneurs globally by providing business training and the start up capital needed to build Christ centered enterprises throughout the world.

Our Mission

To inspire and equip others to make sense of making money for making a difference for the purpose of transforming individuals, cities and nations.

Our Generational Plan

By providing training and capital to those in poverty, we empower them to break the cycle of poverty that they have been in for generations. This interruption of the poverty cycle enables their families, cities and nations to be transformed.