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Join host Karen Conrad Metcalfe as she chats with David Briggs, co-founder of Tricord Global, a groundbreaking microfinance institution in Uganda. Discover how David’s innovative approach to business and microfinancing is lifting communities out of poverty and fostering economic growth.

In addition, David reveals his secrets to overcoming barriers to growth and shares about his nonprofit consulting work with organizations like Charis Bible College. Learn how to identify and tackle resistance, optimize operations, and boost team motivation by aligning incentives with passions.

Tune in for practical insights and powerful stories that showcase the transformative potential of business. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode offers invaluable lessons on making a real difference! Breaking Barriers: Strategies for Business & Economic Growth

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Episode Show Notes

1. Wealth building, purpose, and transforming cities.

a. David had been traveling and doing consulting work for decades with missionaries and nonprofits overseas. He has always believed in transformation for cities and nations.

b. Billy and David co-founded Tricord Global to see businesses change people’s lives around the world.


2. Microfinance, business ethics, and discipleship in Uganda.

a. We believe Christian business people have a purpose in the Kingdom. They become major influencers in their communities because they’re civically responsible as they give back.

b. We’ve helped a little over 10,000 clients, we have two branches and the bank is growing. 


3. Microfinance program for Ugandan entrepreneurs.

a. Clients are trained in Christian business ethics, which is essentially discipleship.

b. We provide low-interest loans to individuals and businesses in Uganda, with a focus on sustainability and transparency.

c. Investors can learn more about the opportunity and invest through the WealthBuilders website, info@wealthbuilders.org.


4. Identifying and overcoming resistance to growth in nonprofits.

a. David is now executive director for the International Health World Outreach at Charis Bible College. 

b. There are 21 AWM offices worldwide and 31 U.S. schools.

c. In working with international nonprofits, David has learned to identify points of resistance, then he develops plans to bring breakthroughs before they reach a place where their dream dies.

5. Organizing and understanding an organization’s tasks and responsibilities.

a. He helps businesses improve by identifying and addressing overstaffing, misaligned hiring, and operational inefficiencies.


6. Motivating employees by understanding their passions and incentivizing them.

a. Money is not a motivator, but connecting with your employees’ passions is. Ask them, what do you want to do? Where do you want to go? And how can I help you get there?

b. Faith gives you access to God, service gives you access to people.


Managing finances, staffing, and KPIs for business success.

a. Organizations need to: analyze their finances.

b. Understand the importance of allocating time, energy, talents, and money effectively.

c. Discuss the importance of staffing and management, highlighting the need to identify and address gaps in production and productivity.

d. Have realistic expectations and let underperforming employees go to improve overall company performance.


8. Repositioning employees for growth and passion.

a. Employees who are not touching their passion will atrophy.

b. Find out what they are and get your employees connected to their passions for the greatest results.


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