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Have you ever wrestled with the feeling that your job and your faith exist in separate worlds? Perhaps you dream of serving God, spreading His love, and alleviating poverty, but you do not know how to merge your faith and career.  

In this episode of the WealthBuilders Podcast, “How Business & Investing Can Change the Mission Field,” host Karen Conrad Metcalfe invites David Briggs, Executive Director of World Outreach at Charis Bible College and Co-founder of Tricord Global, to help eliminate the myth that business and kingdom pursuits are separate. Click here to listen to this podcast or keep reading the shownotes below to learn how businesses can be powerful tools for alleviating poverty, empowering communities, and leaving a lasting legacy.


Business can become the mission.

  • Occupational environments do not always limit spiritual pursuits.
  • Business as Mission is a concept where business is not only used for missions, but the business itself becomes the mission. 
  • There is a practical and measurable impact of business in alleviating poverty.

David and Bill Epperhart co-founded Tricord Global through their shared passion for missions and entrepreneurship.

  • Billy’s encounter with the book “A Billion Bootstraps” ignited their interest in microfinance and micro-enterprise as transformative tools.
  • Combining David’s missional experience with Bill’s business acumen, they started their journey to discover impactful ways to transform nations.
  • This led to the creation of Tricord Global within WealthBuilders, dedicated to making money to make a difference.

Business success is a platform for kingdom impact, not the ultimate goal.

  • Significance comes from what we do with that platform, leveraging our success to create meaningful influence.
  • God’s callings and gifts operate seamlessly across all sectors.

Business has an important role in alleviating poverty.

  • The UN shared the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which is a framework for alleviating poverty.
    • Seven to nine of these goals are directly impacted by businesses and economies.

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have untapped potential. 

  • In developing nations, SMEs contribute 33% of GDP and 44% of jobs.
  • A major hurdle is a $2.6 trillion credit gap that hinders their growth, as access to capital is often limited by large corporations.

Tricord Global is one way we can bridge that gap.

  • Tricord focuses on SMEs as a target-rich environment with immense potential for impact.
  • They provide microfinance and business training to enable SMEs to thrive and survive.
  • The true impact lies in creating jobs, businesses, and sustainable livelihoods for the poor.

There are strategic ways to break the cycle of poverty:

  • Every nation, including developed ones, faces poverty levels ranging from “poor” to “poorest of the poor.”
  • The poorest lack economic activity, knowledge, and skills to break free from the cycle.
  • WealthBuilders’ programs educate and empower individuals to become economically active.

It takes some time to help people renew their minds to break these cycles.

  • Shifting mindsets and seeing new possibilities is an ongoing process embedded in Tricord’s educational model.
  • Basic business principles like marketing and financial management apply across cultures.
  • Tricord addresses the lack of training, consulting, and mentoring available in developing countries.

Tricord Global has a strategic process to help SMEs succeed.

  • Tricord builds infrastructure by establishing banks like the one in Uganda that provide access to capital for SMEs.
  • Loan officers act as mentors, guiding individuals through business development.
  • SMEs form groups (coops) for pre-loan training, peer support, and joint loan applications.
  • There is a tailored six-week program that equips individuals with basic financial literacy and business fundamentals, including oral training for illiterate individuals.
  • There are regular meetings and checks-ins to ensure responsible loan usage and community support.
  • Tricord integrates ethical business practices with spiritual guidance, leading to conversions and church involvement.

Tricord has had a positive impact on business owners.

  • Kaylee Renee, once a water vendor, used Tricord loans to expand her business and influence. Now she is a county commissioner who employs over a dozen people and builds homes.
  • Another client started with a $50 loan to sell oil and now owns a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Tricord’s impact extends beyond micro-enterprises, with success stories in education, housing, and even larger ventures.

Tricord Global is an investment opportunity that yields great results:

  • Tricord Global notes offer an avenue for investors to make a social impact while earning a return.
  • With minimum investments of $20,000, investors can contribute to loan funds for Tricord’s clients.
  • Investors receive a 4-8% return on their investment, creating a sustainable model for social change.

Tricord Global offers a compelling opportunity to combine financial investment with social impact. The 2024 WealthBuilders Conference will give you a unique chance to learn more about Tricord Global and potential investment opportunities. A Tricord Global table will be available for direct interaction with David Briggs and gaining further insights. For more information about how you can attend the upcoming WealthBuilders Conference, click here.