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Have you ever craved a miracle moment in your business or personal life? It takes an unshakeable trust in God to open the doors to miracles and abundance beyond your wildest dreams.

On today’s WealthBuilders Podcast episode, host and WealthBuilders Vice President Karen Conrad welcomes David Lapp, the CEO of Blessings of Hope, to share powerful insights about aligning your vision with faith and taking inspired action that yields miraculous results. Click here to listen to the podcast or keep reading to view the shownotes.

We can expect to experience miracles in 2024.

  • Miracles can happen in various aspects of life including business and real estate.
  • The need for miracles often arises from a place of complete reliance on God.

The Story of Blessings of Hope

  • Blessings of Hope began as a food distribution center for nonprofits.
  • The organization has a unique position as a bridge between large corporations with excess food and nonprofits requiring resources.
  • Blessings of Hope rapidly grew from one employee to 104 after CEO David Lapp trusted in God’s guidance to facilitate that expansion.

Remaining focused on God is key to organizational growth.

  • When you strengthen your relationship with God, you can interpret His guidance more accurately.
  • The Bible and Gospel music are great ways to fortify a Kingdom mindset.
  • Guard the “diet of your mind” to avoid negative outcomes.

Delegating responsibilities will help you lead effectively.

  • Founders often find it challenging to move away from day-to-day activities, yet it is essential for viewing the big picture.
  • Delegation allows team members to carry out tasks independently and encourages leaders to focus on steering the organization.
  • A leader must place trust in individuals who align with the mission and demonstrate a commitment to the organization’s success.
  • Appropriate delegation requires entrusting people with both responsibility and authority in equal measure.
  • Leaders often reach a critical point where they must overcome the fear of mistakes in the delegation process.
  • Accepting that others may perform tasks differently can lead to new strategies and innovation.

Fostering a collaborative environment can improve the environment of an organization. 

  • Collaboration creates ownership and involvement in decision-making 
  • Involving the team in strategy development leads to greater ownership and commitment.

Mistakes should be seen as a natural part of the growth process and not as failures.

  • A mistake is considered a well-planned effort that unexpectedly deviates from its path.
  • A culture that welcomes creative input and accepts missteps removes the fear of repercussions and fosters innovation and growth.
  • A good leader should strive to support their team whether their efforts lead to success or need reevaluation.

The concept that there is a food shortage is a myth.  

  • With abundant food resources available, the issue of hunger is more of a logistical problem than it is a shortage problem.
  • A significant amount of food waste indicates that the world has enough resources to prevent hunger.
  • Proper distribution of available food resources can alleviate food insecurity.
  • Partnerships with organizations and leveraging tax incentives for donating food can be mutually beneficial.

There are operational solutions to improve food distribution.

  • Blessings of Hope serves as a critical link between food suppliers and nonprofits, facilitating the effective distribution of donations.
  • The reception and handling of semi-truck loads of food require efficient systems to ensure quick and hassle-free distribution to those in need.
  • The focus on logistical solutions rather than food scarcity paves the way for innovations in combating global hunger.
  • Blessings of Hope aims to leverage their distribution network to extend reach and impact in solving hunger not just locally, but potentially on a global scale.

The Problem of Food Waste vs. World Hunger

  • In the United States, 24% of landfill waste is food-related, indicating the massive scope of food wastage.
  • Millions of tons of potential food resources are composted or used as animal feed instead of feeding the hungry.
  • There is a critical need to build an effective supply chain to connect the abundance of unused food with areas experiencing hunger.
  • Tackling world hunger, which is a multi-billion-dollar issue, requires non-governmental solutions involving private sector and community efforts.
  • Blessings of Hope’s approach involves the private sector and community cooperation to redistribute food effectively.
  • Disaster recovery and outreach pairing with organizations address urgent needs, showing the impact of combined efforts.

Blessings of Hope is innovating food preservation through The Dehydration Project. 

  • The newly initiated food dehydration project extends the lifespan of fresh produce using dehydration technology.

  • Dehydration preserves over 90% of the nutritional value while significantly shrinking the volume.
  • The process grants perishable goods a shelf life of over five years, making it ideal for international aid.
  • Dehydrated food packs sent to Haiti demonstrate the project’s feasibility and life-sustaining impact.
  • A pilot program helped bypass layers of corruption by flying the nutrition-dense food directly to those in need.
  • One Haitian pastor  who oversees 1,000 children planned to ration dehydrated food for a year which highlights the sustainability of the solution.
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David Lapp will be joining The 2024 WealthBuilders Conference as a guest speaker. He will share more of his vision for Blessings of Hope while showing you how you can partner with God to provide solutions for our business and nonprofit. If you do not have a ticket yet for this three-day event (taking place from February 16 – 18) click here.