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There is a marketplace sound ringing throughout the globe. Christians are realizing that God wants to use their finances, investments, and businesses for His glory, and it’s a powerful thing. If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely a part of the movement.

God often speaks the same dream into the hearts of different people. Then, He brings them together. WealthBuilders has given Becky and I the opportunity to meet several divine connections who are hearing ‘the sound.’ One couple in particular, Tafara and Chipo Butayi, shared our vision to disciple Kingdom wealth builders. They are passionate about seeing Christians in Africa become financially free, run successful businesses, and transform their communities with Kingdom principles. Today, they are helping us lead WealthBuilders Africa. 

What is WealthBuilders Africa?

WealthBuilders Africa is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the goal of empowering African Christians to make sense of making money for making a difference. Through faith-based financial content, coaching, and conferences, WealthBuilders Africa aims to empower people with biblical wisdom about why we build wealth and how to do so.

WealthBuilders Africa Timeline

2012: WealthBuilders is formed

2014: Pastors Tafara and Chipo Butayi start Faith Hill Church in Johannesburg, South Africa

2018: Billy Epperhart attends Pastor Tafara & Chipo’s Grace in the Marketplace Conference. Thoughts about expanding WealthBuilders to Africa start to circulate.

2020: Pastors Tafara and Chipo Butayi attend The 2023 WealthBuilders Conference.

2022: The Epperharts connect with the Butayis to see what they think about bringing WealthBuilders to Africa. Plans begin to form.

2023: WealthBuilders Africa launches and starts toward their $100,000 fundraising goal to expand.

Future: Equipping Kingdom-minded wealth builders throughout Africa to transform their families, cities, and nations for generations to come.

Why Africa?

Africa is one of the most resource-rich continents. It’s also the youngest continent, with a median age of 19.7. Multinational corporations are investing in Africa in droves.There is so much potential, and we want to ensure that local residents are the ones who capitalize on it. As Pastor Chipo Butayi said, 

“Africa is being seen as the greatest potential of growth across the world. A lot of corporations are looking quite seriously into Africa. Now, it would be a sad day if global corporations benefited from the resources of Africa and the skills in Africa without people of Africa benefiting in some way.”

Despite the potential, there are real barriers to achieving it. Africa has the highest poverty rate of any continent, and jobs are scare. The African Development Bank estimates that 10 to 12 million young Africans join the labor force every year. However, with only 3 million formal jobs available, many of them are forced into entrepreneurship. This makes business training vital for their success. Through practical wealth building knowledge and Kingdom principles, we hope to equip Africans to transform their families, communities, and nations.

wealth builders

How You Can Join the Movement

We are raising funds to fully launch WealthBuilders Africa. Our goal is $100,000, which will help us cover first-year expenses such as:

  • Creating and delivering free WealthBuilders education materials in Africa through webinars, email communications, materials, and more
  • Launching WB Africa Social Media Platforms
  • Drawing up licensing and legal agreements
  • Forming the board and bank accounts
  • Help fund a WealthBuilders Conference, Workshops, and Coaching in South Africa
  • Connect with leaders in Africa and establish core launch teams locally
  • Team members to help with the above.

If you would like to partner with WealthBuilders Africa, you can do so here–just select WealthBuilders Africa in the dropdown menu.