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When you think about change, there are only two forces that motivate us.

The first is a desire to move away from pain. If I held a burning flame under your hand, you would immediately jerk away. It is a natural instinct to move away from pain. The second motivating force is a desire to move toward gain. Think about it: we exercise so we can eat an extra slice of cake and we work so we can receive a paycheck.

It’s essential to know and understand that everything you do is motivated by a desire to move away from pain or toward gain.

Bring to mind the last goal you set for yourself. What was it? Save for summer vacation? Finish all of the laundry? Spend one-on-one time with your child? Skip second helpings for a week?

Did you achieve the desired change? Science tells us that 92% of us are not experiencing the change we long to achieve. So, what needs to happen?

I suggest you challenge yourself to a change project.


How to Plan for Your First Change Project


Think Specifically 

Yes, you can dream all day long about the many parts of yourself and your life you’d like to change. But there comes a time when you need to be specific. Instead of saying, “I’d like to save more money” say “I would like to have x-amount of money saved one year from now.”

I suggest that you think specifically about three areas of your life in need of change. You can think generally about the categories – for example: business, marriage, parenting, church, and finances. Then, get specific in those areas. Maybe an area of focus needs to be your marriage. Think deeply about what needs to change in your marriage relationship. Do you need more quality time? Determine that you will change by scheduling regular date nights and sticking to them!


Determine Your Action Steps 

If you’ve taken the proper amount of time to think through your three areas of change, this step should be fairly straightforward. Ultimately you need to know how to get from A to B. Once you have determined your action steps, write them down!

You may wonder why is it necessary to write the action steps down. Think of it this way: you cannot turn a vehicle that is in park. Your car must be moving in order to turn it. People are the same way. God is trying to help us change, but if we are sitting with the brakes on, we cannot turn toward change. We have to say, “Lord, I’m willing to obey. Please show me the way.” Then as He shows us actions we can take, we need to move and write down what He reveals.


Do a Little Digging 

After you have determined your areas of change and the appropriate action steps, it’s time to move forward. How? By asking some difficult questions of yourself. This is a time for honest evaluation. Consider questions like the following:

Why have I not taken these actions before?

What will I lose or gain short-term by taking these actions?

What will I lose or gain long-term by taking these actions?

How can I ensure that I will continue to move toward change?

It is especially helpful to know why you haven’t taken these steps before in order to be successful this time around!


Only 8% of people are actually achieving their desired change. I encourage you to host a personal change project and be one of the 8%.

We can change, and we can change now. If we understand that everything we do is motivated by movement away from pain or toward gain, then permanent change can come. You will see real results.

Grab my FREE Change Project worksheet by signing up below! It will walk you through the steps above in a logical, organized way.