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Starting off in the entrepreneur world can be exhausting. The temptation to constantly check your phone, lock yourself in the office and do everything by yourself are strong.

But to be healthy and successful, you need to pace yourself and take a step back. Foster creativity, and the workload will become enjoyable instead of feeling like you are constantly weighed down.

Check out these four tips to make sure you are in a healthy place as an entrepreneur!


Dedicate an hour a day to being technology free. 

There are a couple of ways to do this. If you’re a morning person, don’t look at your phone when you first wake up. Give yourself an hour or two before even turning your phone on. If an emergency happened, there’s nothing you can really do until you head to work.

If you’re an evening person, then take the hour before bed to turn off your phone. Or you could dedicate meal-times to being technology free! No matter when you schedule this time, it is going to stimulate your creativity and energize you.

That moment when you gear up to shut the phone off and put it away can be hard, but it will be worth it to allow yourself some mental space.


Be outside and around people. 

From taking walks to reading in coffee shops, being out and about is a wonderful way to stay mentally stimulated. Solitude and nature can be wonderful creative stimulants. The fresh air wakes your mind and the solitude allows your thoughts to flourish.

Similarly, going to museums or coffee shops or book stores can stimulate creativity. Seeing people out and about in different scenarios can get you thinking about ways to tweak your business, or services you could offer that would make things easier for your clientele.


Network with fellow entrepreneurs. 

Polish your social media presence and get to know fellow entrepreneurs. By connecting on Linked In, you can connect online and then ask to meet in person. Get to know people in your area who are opening businesses, and see if you can partner in any ways.

If you can’t partner, then know you have a friend in the entrepreneur game with whom you can bounce around fresh ideas. Another suggestion is to stay active in your community by paying attention when new stores open up, and getting to know the owners.


Prioritize what energizes you. 

Recently my team told me how energized I seemed after personal coaching sessions. They encouraged me to prioritize that as I venture forth in our business. I was surprised they saw that, but they are completely right. Making sure I have a frequent dose of coaching keeps me energized and ready for the things I’m not otherwise energized by.

Spend some time figuring out what area of your business really wakes you up and fills you with joy and energy. Then prioritize this and make it a part of your weekly schedule. This dose of energy will keep you going through the difficult areas.



I hope this list is a help to you as you take on the entrepreneur world!

What lifestyle change do you find important for keeping you energized at work?

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