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For the month of May, I gave you some great information about building wealth. I want you to build large amounts of wealth and experience true success. I do! But I don’t want you to build wealth just for the sake of being wealthy. I want you to achieve financial security because money opens doors and enables you to give away your wealth.

If you come from a Christian perspective like I do, then you know that Jesus instructed His disciples to go into the world and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom all over the map. If we are His disciples, we need to ask ourselves an important question: Are we really preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom with our lives? Are we really investing in city and nation transformation – not just emotionally or mentally, but financially?

The reality is that Jesus did not come to the earth so that you and I could be a big deal. He came so that you and I could have an impact on the world, by causing the kingdoms of the world to become more like the Kingdom of God. Wealth allows us to join in this sacred mission. What an honor, right?

In reality, there are about one hundred reasons to give away your wealth. And once you’ve reached the Third X, you’ll have an abundance to give! So why should you do it? Why should you not just save your money for a rainy day – or as an inheritance for your kids and grandkids? You can. And you should. But you should also give away in excess. Here’s why:


3 Compelling Reasons to Give Away Your Wealth


1. You Need to Master Your Money

Simply put, when we steward what God has given us, we master our money. I’m sure you’ve heard of lottery winners losing all of their money in a short span of time. This is because they were not careful with what they’d been given, so they lost it. They did not master their money – the money was master over the lottery winner!

An amazing thing happens when you learn to master your money – more and more will be given to you. You will be entrusted to steward more of God’s good gifts because you acted with wisdom, patience, and self-control. Then, you get the opportunity to bless more people because you will have more to give away.

I strongly urge you to master your money. Don’t let it become master over you. Giving away your excess is an excellent way to show that you have control over where your finances ultimately go.

Want to give money away but don’t have any to give? Download my FREE Get Out of Debt worksheet at the end of this post to get your finances in order and regain mastery over your money!


2. You Need to be a Part of City & Nation Transformation

Oral Roberts said, “Whoever controls the finances of a city or nation will control the spiritual climate as well.” I think this quote is incredible. It means that you and I have the opportunity to make a massive impact not only physically and environmentally, but spiritually as well. If we provide for the basic needs of a community, then the hearts of the people will be ready for deeper spiritual truth. This is how the gospel goes forth!

It wasn’t until I started visiting third world countries and investing money there that I realized how we as the church in America are holing up. We’re not living what we preach. Instead, we’re hoping that someone else will do the work. Let me tell you – no one else is going to do the job God has for you.

You need to be a huge part of city and nation transformation around the world. Your money will make a difference.


3. You Need to Continue Making Smart Business Decisions

If you are in a position to give away your wealth, then I know you’ve made some great business decisions in your lifetime. Now that you are financially secure and able to give money away, you can continue to make wise decisions that will impact you, your family, and the whole world in positive ways. I don’t think you need to stop thinking like a businessman to make a huge difference in the world. In fact, just the opposite! God needs smart businessmen to make wise financial decisions to best impact the world for the Kingdom.

You can make an annual return on investing in social causes. It’s called social impact investing. You simply reallocate some of your assets to invest in social causes. This is what I do through my non-profit, Tricord Global. Now here’s the thing: you don’t do it for the money. You do it because it offers aid and empowerment to the people you’re helping. It empowers them instead of just enabling them. What a gift to give a community of people who need a second chance!


Ultimately, building wealth should never be about becoming a Scrooge and hoarding your money. It should be about impacting the Kingdom and changing the world for the better. Do you agree? I hope so. Let’s be a group of people who gives away our wealth for the Kingdom!

Does the idea of kingdom impact stir something in you? For the next few weeks, we are accepting new investors for Tricord Global, my microfinance organization. You can be apart of something bigger. You can click here for more information or contact my staff at (720) 989-0224 or contact@tricordglobal.com.

Also, don’t forget to grab the FREE Get Out of Debt worksheet if you’d like to regain mastery over your finances and earn more money to give away!


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