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As you prepare to enter the holiday season and take a break from the details of entrepreneurship, it’s my hope that you’ll connect with family. I also hope that you’ll also spend time connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs. Sometimes the path of pursuing your dreams can be lonely. While it’s exciting to be on the path to making your ideas a reality, it can often be a road walked alone.

Today I’m sharing five ways to build community as an entrepreneur. While this is essential for your motivation, I also believe it will help your success as a entrepreneur. Consider moving ahead with one or two of these ideas before the start of the new year, then build community throughout the year by staying committed.


Five Ways to Connect with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs 


Participate in a Mastermind Group

What is a mastermind group? It’s when like-minded entrepreneurs & business owners of similar levels of success come together to encourage, sharpen, and challenge one another. In these circles, you’ll find mutual passion, honest conversations, and solutions offered by someone with different experience than you may have.

Most masterminds are facilitated by a leader who will select a small group of people that will challenge and stretch one another in a way that makes each person’s investment of time and money beneficial.

What does this mean for you? Well, I suggest you start looking around. You may have friends who have been a part of a mastermind who have good suggestions of groups to join. You also can look to see if any of your favorite entrepreneurs host masterminds of their own. If all else fails, research how a mastermind should work and start one.


Join a Social Media Group

Similarly, but much less expensive, is the opportunity to join a social media group. Usually these groups are founded by a successful entrepreneur with skills and experience. He or she will then invite others to join – either for free or a monthly fee. Inside the groups, people share stories, questions, and concerns.

While this is not nearly as intimate as a mastermind group, there is much benefit to joining a Facebook group. You will meet friends you never would have met otherwise. And you’ll be exposed to many different opinions and theories.

My only advice about this is that you must be discerning. Remember: not everything you read is truth. Do your research and be smart before you follow someone’s advice.


Join a Co-working Space

Most small business owners work from home. While this can make for great productivity, it can also lead to isolation and lack of motivation. We need people around us. Simple as that. 

This is where a co-working space comes in. Have you ever thought of the idea of renting out a small space, for a fraction of the cost of having an office, where you can co-work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and business people? You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, bounce ideas off of one another, and be a part of a creative culture.

Most cities have these types of environments now, sometimes connected to a restaurant or coffee shop. Visit one and decide if this would be a good step to take in the new year.


Attend Conferences 

Conferences can be a great way to get connected with like-minded entrepreneurs across the nation. Not only are you attending an event that will provide education and opportunity for advancement within your niche, you’ll be able to network with people who could potentially turn into great friends, mentors, or partners.

I think everyone should regularly attend a business conference, even if it’s just a one-day event. Make the time to do this. Then, when you get there, choose to be social and make it a goal to make at least three new friends. 


Take a Course Online

This may seem strange, but many online courses have forums or online spaces where students can interact with one another. This is brilliant! Not only will you learn valuable information, but you’ll make lasting relationships with others in your same field.

This is basically like an at-home conference, and I think it’s an excellent way to meet new people and form some friendships with like-minded entrepreneurs.


As the new year approaches, consider how you will remain in community with other entrepreneurs throughout the year. This has the potential to sky-rocket or tank your business. We were made to be in relationship with others! Share your dreams and, while you’re at it, encourage someone else in his or her venture.

I hope you found these five tips helpful. I truly believe in equipping you as an entrepreneur and sharing valuable insight about how you can grow and succeed.

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