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Do you feel stuck in a job that you don’t completely love? Maybe you thought this was the career for you when you first started. But now – several years and regular paychecks later – you’re wondering if this is it.

First of all, know that you’re not alone. Many people find that after a certain amount of time they don’t love their job anymore. An article posted on Forbes says that over 50% of us are unsatisfied with our daily jobs. That is not something to ignore.

However, don’t remain stuck here. If you’re not satisfied now, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to learn to love what you do. There is hope!

Consider these 3 tips that will help you love your work again:


1. Remember everyone is different & that’s awesome.

One of the things my team and I like to discuss is Myers Briggs. It’s awesome to go around the table and realize that every member of the team is uniquely gifted for their particular job description. Some of my team members are great with numbers – others are not. Others are wonderful when it comes to creative design – others are not.

Through understanding how we all operate, we are able to work together in a place of understanding. Understanding each other helps us not to be overwhelmed or frustrated with one another.

We all have an internal voice telling us our way is best – that the world would be better if everyone was like us. (But aren’t we glad we’re not all the same!) But the reality is that we are all different. We all handle different things.

And that’s awesome.

2. Study yourself & learn what you love. 

For some personality types, it’s natural to be constantly self-reflecting. But for others, it’s not. An important part of loving what you do is knowing what you love to do! If you study yourself, you will learn how to actively enjoy what you do.

For example, maybe you have found that it’s healthy for you to spend some time each week working outside of the office – at home, a coffee shop, or deli. Because you’ve recognized this in yourself, you can talk to your boss about making time once or twice a week for a long lunch or a morning working at home. (Think about how much this will influence your love of work!)

There are all sorts of things you will discover when you study yourself. And each learned piece will help you invest deeply into your life and to be more engaged with people, activities, and your work.

3. Stay interested & don’t get bored.

There is an interesting article that summarizes two different studies done about the interest level in a project and how it affects the results. When different students had different expectations going into their projects – one thinking it would be fun and the other thinking it would be purely scientific – the results differed dramatically. The group anticipating an enjoyable time did far better than the other group!

The fact is that the same is true all throughout life. Think about how much more you excel when you are personally invested and interested in something. All of the sudden, you’re not just forcing the results. They are coming naturally with your enthusiasm. You’re more willing to go the extra mile. You will try harder to perfect the project. This is all because you are invested and interested.

So if you find that you go through life suffering from boredom, it’s time to make a change. Either do something you find interesting, or find ways to make what you’re currently doing interesting!

You can choose whether you are going to be a part of that 50% who don’t love their jobs. In fact, this is more in your control than you may realize! Remember your differences, study yourself, and don’t allow yourself to get bored.

Take a personal interest in your job satisfaction and wake up refreshed and excited for work each week! While it is normal to have good days and bad days, you definitely want to ensure that you have more good days than bad.

Love your work and watch your life satisfaction soar!

What do you love about what you do? Let me know in the comments!