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Tricord Global exists because we believe it is essential that people have opportunity. We provide opportunity by partnering with banks in other countries and loaning money to small business owners. This ends up being life-changing for the business owner. Quite literally, the legacy of these business owners is forever changed. 

How do we provide small business owners with loans? Well, a few times a year we host a capital raise. During the capital raises, I frequently get asked about the power of microfinance – why do we choose to make a difference in this particular way?

Today I’d like to explain why I believe microfinance is the key to changing lives and legacies.

Charitable giving alone is not the answer.

We must be able to help create a healthy economy in developing nations. In Africa, the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have unintentionally created, in some cases, a welfare mentality. This is where people aren’t expecting a hand up, because they’re expecting a handout. We must continue to change that mindset in Africa. And not just in Africa, but in every developing nation in the world.

Microfinance allows us to do that.

When I give a dollar to someone in a developing economy, I then have to come back to America and raise the same dollar again. Some charities like doing that and it is how the whole organization is run. But I like to see the dollar be more effective. Microfinance is the way to do that.

When Tricord lends a dollar, that dollar is paid back with an interest rate that allows the operation to be sustainable in the country. That same dollar can be lent over and over again, and therefore have a great impact in the city and nation.

The Power of Microfinance

Now you may be thinking: what’s the difference between microfinance and microenterprise? One of the differences can be explained through the following example.

In America, I’ve seen people raise money for sewing machines. They buy the sewing machines, and give them to people in developing nations. They give the sewing machines and put people in business. Instead of giving them money, like with microfinance, they give the people work. That’s why it’s called microenterprise. They actually provide the sewing machines but if the lender comes back a year later, the sewing machines are likely sitting in an extra room or have been dismantled and sold for parts. There isn’t much, if any, training provided and there isn’t any followup to check in on the business.

With microfinance, because the loan must be repaid, there is ongoing business training and lifeskill training that happens when the client comes back to pay their loan. In fact, with Tricord, they sit in training for several hours. While collecting the loan payment, they also receive lifeskill and business training. This makes a dramatic and life-long impact.

The people are empowered and, therefore, are able to truly change their legacies.

Also, in the very same training groups is where the gospel is preached and shared with the business owners. At Tricord, we’ve had many conversions about the Kingdom of God that have happened because of something said in a training group.

So, when we talk about microfinance, we’re talking about a different way of thinking. Charitable giving and donation is important. But it’s not the only thing we should be doing. We also should be taking our money and investing it.

Tricord Global will soon be accepting investments. You could be a part of the microfinance process I just described – providing a hand-up instead of a hand-out, giving business training to the people, and sharing the gospel for ongoing heart transformation.

When people invest with us at Tricord, we put that money into a developing nation. And with that money we see city and nation transformation by following the principles that I’ve shared with you.

If you’d like to participate when we open investments in early March, contact our office at info (at) billyepperhart (dot) com or click below to learn more:


We believe that God has given us this Kingdom strategy to see lives changed and nations transformed through microfinance. I believe that as we stand together, we can take what we say in Wealthbuilders – making sense of making money for making a difference – and make it come true.

Will you join us?