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For the month of June, we’ve been focusing on social impact and the importance of investing in social causes that matter. If you want to go back to the beginning of this month-long series, check out We’re Not Here to be a Big Deal.

In that blog post, I explain the core of my teaching – the Triple X Factor. Understanding the Triple X Factor allows you to make a huge difference around the world!

So, maybe you’ve read about the Triple X and you want to make a Kingdom impact. Maybe you’re ready to change your habits so that you can begin making real money to invest in great causes. Today’s post is all about that – how to reach the Third X. Once you reach the Third X, you can give away and invest all of your money if you want. Now that is Kingdom living!

How do you reach the Third X? Here are four ways you can position yourself to build wealth.


Reach the Third X: How to Build Wealth

Expect the Best

What are your expectations about wealth? Are they negative or positive? Expecting the best is as simple as making a decision to see your future in a positive light. When you are looking forward to something, you have hope.

Stress happens when you don’t have something to look forward to in life. So, give yourself something to look forward to! It can be something as simple as your favorite Starbucks drink on the way home from work or catching up on your favorite TV series before bed. It doesn’t matter what it is, but always give yourself something to anticipate.

To develop an attitude of expecting the best, ponder these questions:

  • What images am I presently concentrating on in my mind?
  • What images could I focus on that would motivate me to expect the best?
  • What choices am I making that ensure I have a positive attitude about my future?

You’ll be amazed at how having a positive outlook on life influences your ability to get to the Third X!


Design Your Own Future

You need to be willing to call the shots in your own life. Go back and read that sentence one more time – I’ll wait. You have to be willing to pick up the pen and compose an ending to your own story! 

To reach the Third X, you have to identify your own priorities and values. Determine the things that are meaningful to you. And then, don’t be limited by what other people think and say! If you are trying to build wealth for someone else, the change probably will not last.

First, identify your purpose.

Next, ask for the things you desire. Not only does this include prayer, but it also includes asking the people around you for help and motivation to succeed.

Finally, map out some goals to get you from your desires to your desired purpose.


Learn to Take Action 

Just beginning to take action is fifty percent of accomplishing the action! Many people see what they need to accomplish, think about where they need to go, dream about the possibilities, but never take action. This is a shame, because many ideas and dreams stay written in a journal rather than lived out.

If you want to reach the Third X and make a true difference for the Kingdom, you must take action. You must bring your behavior in line with your desired goal. This means that you cannot frivolously spend money on vacations and extravagant clothes if you are still in debt.

Sit down and seriously consider whether or not your actions are harmonious with your goals and dreams. If they aren’t, get serious and learn to take action. If they are, keep yourself motivated and continue taking action.


Adapt to Succeed

The last change you need to make to reach the Third X is adapting to succeed.

If you do not enjoy the results you are getting in your life, you must change what you’re doing. For habits to change, you must change. If you want to save money and invest in Tricord Global, then quit spending money on fast food every night. Sometimes the changes are simple and obvious, but something adapting to succeed is not so simple. Sometimes it’s painful. You have to decide when enough is enough.

Only you can decide when it’s time to work towards and reach the Third X. 


There is great reward on the other side of the Third X. It’s exciting, but it’s also hard work. It takes discipline. It also takes making some changes in your life.

Start with these four habits that will position you to build wealth. Keep aiming higher and higher. You WILL get to the Third X with a positive attitude, a clear purpose, disciplined action-taking, and adapting to success.

Have questions about the Third X or investing with Tricord Global? Comment below! 

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