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Last week, we heard from Pyromechs about their journey to entrepreneurship. This week, I want to spotlight another student of mine, Tyrell Anderson. Tyrell graduated from Charis Bible College as well but decided real estate was the industry he wanted to get involved in. His journey is just as inspiring and shows that the path to God’s plan isn’t always a straight one.


Tell us about you and what your company does.

We started as four gentlemen looking to take each other’s strengths and make an additional stream of income. We found that our commitment to each other allowed us to do things that we didn’t think possible. It started with deals that we all spent countless hours collaborating on and investing in our own labor. We did this while blasting out amazing tunes in the middle of the night. It hasn’t always been easy but it definitely has been worth it!

We purchase and manage homes to turn them into income streams. We also do this for our clients by negotiating deals and stewarding their assets and rental properties. I love simplifying systems and finding solutions to complex real estate problems. Creative deal structuring has been an amazing opportunity that has allowed us to help so many families. Our team is amazing at really discovering people’s needs and being their guide to finding their perfect home.

We own a new brokerage that we see quickly becoming a pillar in the community by helping families achieve their real estate dreams. On top of that, we also own an investment company currently managing a multimillion-dollar (and growing) portfolio. Everyone investing with us right now is consistently earning an exceptional return on their money. We can help almost anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent their home.


What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

The inspiration came from the need/desire within to change the community I live in for the better, and to do so in a way that points to Jesus. I am not limited to someone else’s decision because I own my own business. I am restricted only by my efforts, God’s provision and blessing, which means there is no limit. A personal goal of mine is to live on 10% of my income and to give away the other 90%.


What led you to choose real estate as your business?

In the spring of 2012, my partners and I were finishing up our 2nd year at Charis Bible College and I got ahold of some of Billy’s teachings on real estate. That lit me up so much that I listened to everything I had of Billy an easy 30 times that summer to get ready for the 3rd year business track. At that time, I dreamed of how real estate could be a great investment opportunity in the upcoming years while I was working at my day job. Initially, I didn’t think this could become my full-time vocation.

Something that Billy said was that he could teach almost every concept associated with real estate investing with the exception of managing properties and tenants; that would have to be learned by getting our hands dirty. Upon graduating the 3rd year business track, I got employed with Griffis/Blessing Property Management in Colorado Springs so that I could completely immerse myself in both real estate and the specifics of property management. I worked there for a few years, and I got to deal with around 300 units at a time. Most people have to wait years to experience the situations I was put in, so I was blessed to learn at an accelerated rate.

While I studied to get my real estate license, I also worked for Empire Title of Colorado Springs. This taught me another very important aspect of the industry. The company I own with three partners, Antioch Properties, also started within that same month and things have not slowed down ever since. There have been extremely important divine connections along the way that have allowed us to see successes that otherwise would have never been available to us.


What tips do you have for those that want to become an entrepreneur/real estate investor?

When we started our business, the main thing that we lacked was experience and systems. We compensated for that by using our mentors and relentlessly devouring all the educational materials that we could get our hands on. Don’t pay for the programs out there that want to charge upwards of $30,000 to get started. If we could do it over, we would have started recording our steps immediately in order to create systems and standard procedures. You should do this for everything that happens on a repeatable basis. That has been our main focus over this last year. We even stopped pursuing business for two months and focused solely on creating systems for us to operate by.

Concerning working with other people and partners, it is vital to have everything agreed upon in writing. Make sure everyone is on the same page and don’t do this just once at the beginning. Systems and decisions need to be revisited continuously. No one ever started a company with a partner hoping that it would dissolve. Open and forward communication has to be at the forefront at all times.

Take at least one day off a week and make it non-negotiable. You will think you can get more accomplished if you work instead of rest, but that puts your trust in your own efforts and not His provision. God himself rested on the seventh day. We all have a limited number of days and a limited amount of strength, but we have access to unlimited resources. Make sure you take time to enjoy this journey. When we realize that we were created for both work and rest, we receive the fullness and fresh new ideas.


What was the biggest challenge you have faced in building your business?

A person I admire dearly has always said that we need to operate in rigid flexibility. This means we stay rock solid in our beliefs and unwavering in our commitments, but still adapt and change to all of the surrounding circumstances that we are unable to control. I am a person who loves to get as prepared and educated as possible before ever pulling the trigger. This industry and this life are ever changing and there is so much that we will never know. Learning to become rigidly flexible has been my biggest challenge and also the most freeing experience of my life. We are either in the palm of His hand or we are not. Let go and let God.



I am so glad I was able to interview Tyrell, I know I learned a lot. His reliance on God is inspiring, especially in the business world where people worship “hustle” and their own effort more than God’s provision. What area of your life do you need to rely on God more?



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