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If you are an entrepreneur or business owner and you aren’t using social media, something must change. Social media is one of the most powerful tools for spreading the word about your business idea!

Sure, it may seem time-consuming and frustrating. Maybe you’ve seen little to no growth on social media. Or maybe you’ve never tried because you believe you can spread the word the old-school way. Whatever your thoughts about social media, clear your head and approach this advice with an open mind. It could have the power to forever change your business!

8 Do’s and 8 Don’ts for Social Media for Business


Eight Do’s: 

1. Do be patient.

Give it time. Social media can take a while to grow and succeed. Sharing on social media is not about being a one-hit wonder or hoping for a viral post. It’s about being patient.

2. Do be consistent.

The word schedule might seem boring, but it’s the key to success on social media. If you don’t have some sort of consistency to your social media sharing, your business will struggle to grow.

3. Do be friendly.

Make friends with other business owners online. Share their products and give them credit. Tag them in the post, and connect with them through messaging or email.

4. Do add value.

In thinking about the purpose, determine to always add value for the social media user. If someone comes across your Facebook post, add value by offering them a trick they may have never before. Be useful and helpful.

5. Do include a Call To Action.

After you’ve added value to the user’s life in some way, ask them to act on it. This doesn’t always have to be going to your business website or buying a product. It could be asking them to like the post, share a thought, or send it to a friend.

6. Do try something new.

Don’t ever be afraid to try something new. Step out of your comfort zone. The tactic you try may be your biggest success yet.

7. Do research.

There is so much information about social media and business growth online. Do a Google search and read a few blog posts. Watch a YouTube video about Facebook scheduling. Take a free online course about growing your social media platforms. Do the research.

8. Do invite new followers.

Send a Facebook invite to your current friends inviting them to like your public business page. Place a P.S. at the end of your newsletter letting people know your favorite social media platform. Don’t be afraid to invite your friends and family to follow you. This is a great way to get started.

Grab a cheat sheet & a BONUS sample social media calendar at the end of this post!


Eight Don’ts:

1. Don’t over-share.

Try not to over-share on any social media platform. Share 2-4 times a day on Facebook, 4-5 times a day on Twitter, 1-2 times a day on Instagram, and 1-2 times a day on LinkedIn. The only social media platform that doesn’t allow for much over-sharing is Pinterest. These are general guidelines that will help you develop a schedule.

2. Don’t use sales language.

Shy away from words like “free”, “bonus” or “limited time offer”. Facebook especially doesn’t like posts that come across as advertisements unless you’re paying for a sponsored advertisement.

3. Don’t be a perfectionist.

Just get started. If you’re focused on being perfect, nothing you do will ever feel good enough. But doing something is better than nothing, so just get started as best you know how today.

4. Don’t expect immediate success.

It takes time. A lot of time. Even with consistency and a schedule and added value, it can still take months or years to grow a consistent following. Be consistent and provide value related to your business.

5. Don’t under-estimate social media.

Maybe it seems like your reach on Facebook and your single-digit likes on Instagram aren’t doing much for your business. Don’t under-estimate the power of those single-digit likes. Eventually the single-digits turn into sales.

6. Don’t forget branding.

Carry your business branding to your social media sharing. Use consistent colors, wording, and fonts. Write about the same topics on your website, your Facebook page, and your Instagram account. Always be thinking about your brand.

7. Don’t neglect to start a conversation.

Ask questions. Be interested in others. Respond to comments as much as possible.

8. Don’t give up.

All in all, don’t give up. Be persistent. Be patient. Give yourself grace to grow and learn and change your tactics. Growth will happen, I promise. But you can’t give up if you want to see the growth happen.


Social media is necessary for the long-term success of your business. Even if you enjoy the product creation or the financials more, you cannot ignore the importance of sharing on social media for business.

Keep these 8 do’s and 8 don’ts in mind and watch as your social media traffic consistently grows. Then, watch your business venture soar!

Grab the FREE list of 8 Do’s & 8 Don’ts (plus a BONUS sample schedule) for easy remembering here!