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We all long to be generous, especially this time of year. We celebrate Christmas not for the stuff, but because the most generous Savior came to earth to live a perfect life and die on our behalf. That is the greatest gift of all time. And God’s great gift fuels our own generosity!

I hope that you will consider some of the following ways to give this season. They are unique, but meaningful. Some are free. Some come with a price tag. Browse this list and consider how you will give something unique this year.


8 Unique Ways to Give This Christmas Season 


1. Plan a trip. 

Instead of wrapping an object, what if you wrapped a picture of a destination? Or plane tickets? In our society, we have a lot of stuff. We don’t necessarily need more. But time spent with a loved one is incomparable. Consider planning a trip to give as a gift this Christmas.


2. Partner with Wealthbuilders in someone’s honor. 

This is an extra unique gift! Our partners empower us to travel overseas to provide business training to entrepreneurs in need. Partners also provide business resources and sponsor conferences for entrepreneurs. This is incredibly valuable. Make a monthly donation and wrap it up to put under the tree. Doing this in someone’s honor – maybe an entrepreneur in your life – could make a meaningful gift. Click here to become a monthly partner.


3. Open your home. 

This is a free gift with amazing benefits. If you have extra space, consider gifting it to someone in need of a place to live for a season. Or for a stay-cation while you’re away. Or while you are home and can offer a tour around town. Someone on your list could use some time away from their current place. Offer them a short stay and make it comfortable. This will be a gift they’ll remember for a long time.


4. Purchase Money Mastery for family/friends. 

Helping others become financially fit is an excellent way to give! There are many people in the world who would benefit greatly – and experience a totally different future – if you gifted them with the knowledge it takes to build lasting wealth. There is a ton of information about money in the world; however, not all of it is excellent. I encourage you to check out Money Mastery for yourself and your family/friends this Christmas season.


5. Purchase a membership. 

Again, not all gifts need to be a physical product. In fact, sometimes the best gifts aren’t products at all! Consider buying a membership for someone on your list this year. Maybe your friend is pondering whether or not to join the local gym and doesn’t know if he wants to pay the money. Surprise him with a year-long membership! This is a gift that will give again and again throughout the year. That makes it fun.  


6. Money to invest. 

Think about the people on your list. Who has the desire to invest but doesn’t have the funds to get started? Perhaps your child or grandchild. This is an amazing gift that will be appreciated as time passes. Helping a child walk through the investment process can be great time spent together, as well! ‘

Don’t know where to invest? Look into Tricord.


7. Amazon Prime membership. 

This is simple, but meaningful. This will save the recipient some money. It’s practical. He or she will use it often. AND it is not more stuff lying around. The person can also enjoy watching shows and movies with Amazon Prime. Honestly, this is a pretty great gift for anyone on your list!


8. Organizational Mastery.

This is the perfect gift for a young entrepreneur on your list! Many businesses fail because they don’t have the proper systems, procedures, and people. This course teaches the importance of becoming a leader-manager hybrid. It will revolutionize the person’s business as he or she learns how to create and implement systems, manage work and lead a team. This is another gift that will never be forgotten! Click here to purchase. 


I encourage you to get creative this Christmas season. There are many unique ways to give to the people on your list. Many gifts are given and quickly forgotten. I hope that this time around can be different. Invest in someone’s future and/or make a difference through your giving. This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving.


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