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In the high-stakes world of business, success is often measured by the bottom line—but what if one line is not enough? That is where the Triple Bottom Line comes in. The Triple Bottom Line is a concept that encourages business people to consider the overall impact of their organizations—not just the profit. It stands for profit, people, and planet. I like to think of the triple bottom line as profit, people, and purpose. If my businesses are not generating value in those three areas, I am not being successful.

Money is not the root of all evil—the love of it is, according to 1 Timothy 6:10. When the primary focus of our work is to earn a paycheck, we make ourselves vulnerable to this mindset. However, when we value people and God’s purpose for our work as well, we can really make a positive difference in the world!

In this blog, we will explore the Triple Bottom Line and how it can help you make money while making a positive impact on people and the planet. This blog will teach you about:

1. A Triple Bottom Line Legacy

2. The Purpose of Kingdom Impact

3. Balancing Profit and Kingdom Purpose

A Triple Bottom Line Legacy 

A great example of a leader who worked toward the triple bottom line is R.G. LeTourneau. Called God’s Businessman by his peers, LeTourneau was a brilliant and eccentric entrepreneur who never finished high school. He worked in construction and was infamous for underbidding his competitors to get jobs. However, he invented machinery that allowed him to get the job done twice as quickly. He eventually started his own business and worked as a manufacturer for Caterpillar—one of Warren Buffet’s favorite stocks.

During the Great Depression, LeTourneau’s business boomed. He became incredibly wealthy, but he did not use his wealth to elevate himself. Instead, he and his wife, Evelyn, used their money to give back to the Kingdom during a time when people really needed it. He lived off of 10 percent of his income, choosing to make a Kingdom impact by giving away 90 percent to Christian causes.

At one point, LeTourneau was troubled because, though he loved God, he was not working in ministry. He brought his concerns to his church’s leadership, and the pastor changed LeTourneau’s life in four words: “God needs businessmen, too.” What a great example of the triple bottom line being used for Kingdom purposes. 

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The Triple Bottom Line Break Down:

If you want to be a Kingdom businessperson like LeTourneau, consider how you are implementing the triple bottom line in your daily work and priorities. As I shared earlier in this blog, the triple bottom line can help you make a real kingdom impact through:

  • The People
  • The Purpose
  • The Profit


How The Triple Bottom Line Impacts People

Business is a great platform to disciple people. If you are in leadership, consider how you can pour into your team. It could be through a Bible study, encouraging words, or even the fact that you provide employment in the first place. Through business, you can extend  a hand up—not a hand out—where people can feel dignified through using their gifts and talents.

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The Purpose of Kingdom Impact

If you are an entrepreneur, your purpose should fuel and sustain your business. All Christians should be serving the same ultimate purpose: to see the Kingdom of Heaven established on the earth. Systems need to be created to ensure that your purpose is actually being practiced, not just preached. 

Really take time to pray about the Kingdom purpose for your current position. How can you use your influence to bring light into dark places? Let your purpose permeate every aspect of your organization, from hiring practices and workplace culture to customer interactions and community outreach. By intentionally weaving your purpose into the fabric of your business, you can create a company that not only generates profits but also transforms lives and advances the Kingdom of God. 

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Balancing Profit and Kingdom Purpose

In order to do the most good and provide the most resources, a profit is necessary. When a profit is made, a portion of it is invested back into the business so that it can grow, a portion is invested into the Kingdom purpose it serves, and a portion is given to the people (through paychecks, for example.) That is how you make an impact on the Kingdom of Heaven.

Smart business people know how to invest so that one dollar is actually worth more than one dollar. A lot of Christian missions depend on donations. This is great, but once that money is gone, they have to ask for more money. It is not bad to donate to causes; it is actually a wonderful thing. However, the Triple Bottom Line offers us another way to approach things. Instead of dependents, we can be stewards. The money we generate can be used over and over again.

This can create a ripple effect of positive impact, fostering a legacy of Kingdom transformation that reaches far beyond one person or organization.

Balancing profit and Kingdom purpose is all about recognizing the harmony that exists between the two goals. A healthy profit fuels Kingdom impact, and Kingdom impact, in turn, attracts customers, partners, and investors. This cycle shows us the power of mixing business strategies with Kingdom principles to create strong financial returns and impact the Kingdom. 

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Align Your Finances With God’s Plan

As you work to balance profit and Kingdom purpose, you will begin to align your financial decisions with God’s plan for your money. Embracing biblical principles of financial stewardship can help keep you on the right track. 

I created a free Money Mastery Devotional to help you with this process. This comprehensive guide will equip you with Biblical wisdom and insights to make informed financial decisions, manage your finances effectively, and discover true financial freedom. Download your Money Mastery Devotional today.